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ObserverKyle Klause

General Observations

Hiked up, dug a pit @ ~4000 ft. Found ~150cm snowfall. Top 35cm: fist, middle 45cm: four-finger, bottom 70 cm, one finger. Seemed like a perfectly right side up snowpack. ECT test produced ECT-X: no fail. After running test we used a shovel to try to break the column with a sheer force rather than compressive. The column sheered off below the top most layer (35cm) the with a clean Q2/Q1 sheer. 

We kept hiking up to a ridge below the last false summit. The top ~500ft skied like excellent blower pow, below that it was pockets of powder and variable punchy wind crust. Still fun. Skied all the way to the car, well to the creek between me and the car anyway, may be my new favorite spot. 

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