Skiers & Snowboarders

Skiers and Snowboarders impact the snow different than a snowmachine. But they are still often the trigger that sets off the avalanche and catches the victim or someone in their party. Take the time to get educated so you will know the signs and can travel safely! Below is an extensive series of resources for the ski & snowboard community. Know Before You Go.
  • GET the FORECAST: Make a travel plan based on the current avalanche and weather forecast.
  • GET the GEAR: Ensure everyone has an avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe on their person and knows how how to use them.
  • GET the TRAINING: Take an avalanche course.
  • GET the PICTURE: If you see recent avalanche activity, unstable snow exists. skiing or boarding on or underneath steep slopes is dangerous.

Video 1 – Rescue Equipment

Video 2 – Departure Check At Trailhead

Video 3 – Am I in Avalanche Terrain?

Video 4 – Where is the Unstable Snow?

Video 5 – Terrain to Reduce Risk

AAI Snow Pit Digging: Where and How

How Travis Rice Survived a Heavy Avalanche

Glacier Terrain & When to Rope Up Episode 1

The Day Nick McNutt Nearly Died in An Avalanche