Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go  is a product of Avalanche Canda, Colorado Avalanche Information Center, National Avalanche Center, Northwest Avalanche Center, and the Utah Avalanche Center. It has become the North American standard for teaching avalanche awareness. Anyone who lives, works, or plays near snow-covered mountains needs to have a basic understanding of avalanche danger, where to go for resources available to learn more about avalanches, and most importantly the motivation to gain more knowledge.


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GET the FORECAST: Make a riding plan based on the current avalanche and weather forecast.

GET the GEAR: Ensure everyone has an avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe on their person and knows how how to use them.

GET the TRAINING: Take an avalanche class.

GET the PICTURE: If you see recent avalanche activity, unstable snow exists. Riding on or underneath steep slopes is dangerous.