Continued Learning

Further Learning

The following references have been provided for further reading and self education on the topics of weather, snowpack, and avalanche observations.  If you have questions on the terminology please consult the National Avalanche Center’s Glossary of Terms.
These references are not an adequate replacement for hands-on formal education.  For a listing of education courses in Alaska, see our Course Offerings page.
Online Tutorials and Video:
Weather Observations:
Snowpack Observations:
Avalanche Observations:
Emergency Response:
  • Backcountry Access videos.
  • Planning a backcountry trip: video.
  • Teton Gravity Research videos.  Click on ‘browse by series’ and select ‘Avi Education’.
  • Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center videos.
  • Jill Fredston of the Alaska Mountain Safety Center on avalanche risk and causes in Alaska.

Published Works:


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