Detailed Observation

ObserverKyle Klause

General Observations

Bagel and I started our day looking for some roadrun laps, didn’t find much there worth lapping so we head back into town to try out benzine. We hiked to the ridge just above the cut track and dug on a North/West aspect with slope angle of ~30 degrees. Snow depth where we dug was 270cm total (probably from wind loading). We did an ECT on the top ~160 cm and got a Q2 failure across the whole slab at 95 cm from the top at ECT 21. We weren’t super detailed with our measurements but it looked like the top ~45 cm were fist hardness, the next 50 were 1 finger, then back to fist for ~10 cm, then it quickly went to pen and harder below that (for as deep as we dug ~150 cm). It looked like the soft layer was small (1 mm) rounded facets, we did not see any sharp angles, but it was very sugary/poorly bonded. 

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