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PWSC Level 1 said : Report Subscribe a week ago

12:00 - 15:00 30F warming trend, calm below treeline. Moderate to heavy snowfall with low visibility. Traveled up Benzene Alley 1.25 miles to about 900' elevation. Tough trailbreaking. 12 - 24 inches of fresh snow poorly bonded to a micro-crust from last week's warming. Upside down pack. Storm slab collapsing under foot. Variable test results: CT12 SP, ECTP on micro-crust down 45cm. Need more snow for alders to lay down. see ECTP14 video at

  • 03/12/2017
Sarah Carter
PWSC Level 1 said : Report Subscribe a week ago

12:30-4pm 22F Moderate SE wind with moderate to intense wind transport. Snowing lightly with obscured visibility. Went for a little tour to see how the snow is adding up. Variable coverage due to wind redistribution. Height of snowpack below 2800' varies from bare to 2-3 feet. We found new 1finger storm/windslab 3-18" thick sliding off unconsolidated snow beneath. Some cracking, hollow sounds, and collapsing in lower facets.

  • 02/12/2017
Gareth Brown said : Report Subscribe a week ago

I went for a ski up to the apron feature on Catchers Mitt. There were small areas of collapsing happening near the valley floor and in low areas that were more protected from the wind. This collapsing became less and less as you went up in elevation and onto slopes that would have been less protected from the wind during the outflow wind events. I dug a pit at 4100 feet elevation. Slope angle: 30 degrees Aspect: East "110 degrees" Ski penetration 20 cm Foot penetration 40cm Wx: 10 degrees F, light winds out of N/NW. Snowpack height was 90cm with 20 cm of new snow sitting on top of a 2cm crust that was strong enough to support you on your skis but not on your feet. Below this was a 1cm layer of facets.This facet layer was the most noteworthy item that I found in this pit. From 25-70 cms were large rounded grains. and the bottom 20 cms consisted of depth hoar. The Facet layer at 25 cms was reactive on a Compression Test at 18 taps and produced a Q2 shear. No other layers were reactive during compression test.

  • 01/12/2017
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter said : Report Subscribe a month ago

Went for a little jaunt to check out the snow. Above the rainline ~2000', the snow has been adding up for the last 3 storms. 80cm of snow on the ground. 10cm new snow over 15cm pencil hard raincrust. Supportable with skis and snowshoes, except near willows and rocks. Mid pack is consolidating rounds with 10cm of small facets at the ground.

  • 29/10/2017
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter said : Report Subscribe 7 months ago

Little Odyssey 11:30am-1:30pm 51F, clear with scattered cloud, light west wind Still totally skiable! The cooler nights have preserved the snow. Corn with little sinkage (until you get too close to rocks).

  • 16/05/2017

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