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Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter said : Report Subscribe 3 weeks ago

Went for a little jaunt to check out the snow. Above the rainline ~2000', the snow has been adding up for the last 3 storms. 80cm of snow on the ground. 10cm new snow over 15cm pencil hard raincrust. Supportable with skis and snowshoes, except near willows and rocks. Mid pack is consolidating rounds with 10cm of small facets at the ground.

  • 29/10/2017
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter said : Report Subscribe 6 months ago

Little Odyssey 11:30am-1:30pm 51F, clear with scattered cloud, light west wind Still totally skiable! The cooler nights have preserved the snow. Corn with little sinkage (until you get too close to rocks).

  • 16/05/2017
Naomi F. Ray said : Report Subscribe 7 months ago

Went out on the 29th and 30th with Sarah carter to get some snow data for the DOT drop off areas and Worthington glacier snow machine path. 4-29-2017; In the DOT drop off area. Avalanche danger for the day was at orange for all heights. Most of the snow was in Melt form and had around 1cm of Grauple on top from previous night. Almost no wind, sky was clear. Snowshoeing and skiiing on mainly south facing aspects, remaining cautious of cornice's and wet slab activity. Taking about six observations loaded in 4-30-2017; In the Worthington pipeline track. Avalanche danger was orange for the day for all heights. Most snow was in melt form with light flurries in the air changing constantly, wind was inconsistent, as well as the visibility. Snowmachining on the path and snowshoeing off path, for data proposes. Snow was almost isothermic like. After two and a half hours roughly a cm of snow snow had accumulated, a rhime layer. All data taken is on

  • 29/04/2017
Sarah Carter
Sarah_Carter said : Report Subscribe 7 months ago

some cloud, light south wind Toured from the Hairpin out to Marshall Pass, up the Woodworth, down the Deserted, and out. The supportive crust began to break down as soon as the sun rose. On the Woodworth 5-20cm of corn snow warmed during the day. South faces dropping many cornices and wet loose slides. A few new wet slides observed even on Northerly slopes to 6000'. West aspect at 5800' above the Deserted Glacier; an unsupported slope above a hanging glacier released a fresh wet slab that peeled down to the old storm snow interface (~30-50cm), D2.5. We measured 240cm at 3700' on the Deserted. Most of the snow was isothermal below 3000', capped by crust 1-20cm thick. As the snow melts, creeks are rising and bridges are washing out.

  • 23/04/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe 7 months ago

Elephant/Wilburs: A solid overnight freeze and generally cool temperatures made for quick travel. 16*F in early afternoon near summit of Elephant: ~6200'. Only the most northerly aspects have been able to escape the sun's rays and hold dry, recycled powder that still make for amazing turns. It can been so good in places that sluff management can be a real concern in steep, consequential terrain. Shaded pockets also were harboring surface hoar (6mm avg) on top of facets. It is an aspect game out there, milking the northerly angle, avoiding wet loose sluffs into gullies or hoping for a softening of crusts, but not getting sucked into the isothermal. When initiated, baking, steep southerlies wanted to shed the top few centimeters by the late afternoon...slow running wet flow. Light down valley breeze in the morning subsided to calm ridgetops and a crystal clear day. Too bad there wasn't much to look at....just rock, ice and snow....if you like that kind of thing.

  • 20/04/2017

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