Detailed Observation

ObserverTim Thomas

General Observations

Sled mission to main back bowl of Nadahini.  Broken skies with variable light winds.  Inverted temps well bellow freezing bellow treeline to mid alpine.  32F @ 5300"

Pit @ 5300', NE, 20 degree slope.  Layer of concern down 35cm and 55cm.  ECTP(Propagation!) 12  down 35cm on thin crust with facets above.  Buried surface hoar found down 55cm but not reactive on ECT test.  However, did produce clean shear once leveraged on.  Surface was variable with minimal facets. 

Observed natural cross loaded avy Nadahini proper 6000', SE, Natural-D2-3  Timing?? Main back bowl of Nadahini glacier, 6000', SE, N-D1-2.  Sled triggered test slope produced wind slab on travel in via creek.  3000', NE about 30cm thick.

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