Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverTaylor B

General Observations

Ski toured up the Gulkana Glacier where we managed to ski nice snow off of a 6,???ft peak due east of Cony Peak and turned back just below the east facing summit dome of Cony Peak due to reactive wind slab. No snow until about 4,500ft on the glacier with the snow depth quickly increasing to 50cm at 5,500ft and up to 100cm at 7,000ft. Wind slab 15cm-35cm thick noted on all aspects and elevations, that was reactive to tests above 6,000ft along with multiple whumps that traveled long distances. Below 6,000ft the snowpack seemed better sintered together due to warm temps creating a melt-freeze and sun crust. Widespread surface hoar found in the upper elevations, even on the ridge tops. No new avalanches observed, old slab avalanches on south and west aspects and wet slides on solar aspects. Also to note is the glacier travel hazard as there are a lot of open crevasses and bergshrunds creating bad terrain traps in avalanche terrain. 

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