Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverSean Marble

General Observations

Skied up Ann Cr and up onto the ridge on the S side of the drainage. Dug a simple pit on the N aspect (19 deg) before the left turn and steep section in the canyon. Snow was highly localized, with wind crusts and melt freeze crusts. Right below the ridgetop 3/4 of a mile further, we dug a snow pit. N, 18 deg, 3390', ECTN 27 with a Q3 break. 65cm deep, with a 1 cm melt/freeze crust on top, 5cm of facets, another ice crust, then facets of increasing size to the ground. 

Top of the ridge had terrible sastrugi and melt/freeze crust and made for difficult skiing. 

We observed the remnants of a natural avalanche on SSE aspect steep slope in the sun. 

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