Detailed Observation

ObserverS. Smalls and AAIC/VDZ Snowmachine Club

General Observations

Snowmachine adventure near the headwaters of Quartz Creek, 54 mile as part of an avalanche safety class with AAIC and Valdez Snow Machine Club. Big group of us (14 riders) observed a slide we believe we remotely triggered. D2 avalanche on a southwest facing aspect, ~300 ft across and ran ~600-800 ft vertically. The slide occurred around 5,000 ft elevation. We dug a pit on a similar aspect, at ~4,000 ft. Snow depth was 210 cm. ECTP 29 at 70 cm down. A different pit was dug w/ propagation saw test performed. PST 40/100 end, down 70 cm. 

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity