Detailed Observation

ObserverPWSC Rec Level 2 Avalanche Class

General Observations

Overcast skies, -20 C, NNE wind picked up around 2:45pm with moderate snow transport near ridgelines. Flat light. Toured up Small Creek to roughly 2500 feet, tested wind slabs on north aspect. We dug a few snow pits and observed 1 -4 finger wind slabs, variable thickness of 5-25cm. Verified avalanche forecast:  wind slab was present and reactive to tests above 2000′ near ridgelines. Found facets above and below January 19th rain crust with high temperature gradient. Noticed that near ridgelines at and above 2500 feet the wind has stripped and exposed the January 19th rain crust. Stuck to low-angle terrain where wind slabs were present.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity