Detailed Observation

ObserverPWSC Rec Level 2

General Observations

Catchers Mit Parking Lot 2340’/28F/Whiteout-Obscured/Strong SE Winds/Heavy snowfall/Intense Blowing snow. Observed heavy drifting and wind loading on leeward aspects (NW) with drifts deep enough to get stuck in. Immediately noticed shooting cracks and reactive surface snow on small test slopes “parking lot burms.” Skinned around on the flats and found surface hoar buried March 3rd mostly laying down under a fresh storm slab. Dug two quick pits ~1 meter deep in the flats with a total snow depth of 250-285cm. Most significant test results were CT12 SC down 10-15cm on the buried surface hoar and no conclusive propagation.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity