Detailed Observation

ObserverPatrick N., Justin H., Dan J., Gus G.

General Observations

Skinned up Little Girls and dug a pit at about 2800 feet, southerly facing on a 27 degree slope 4 in of fresh low density powder.

ECTN #27 35 cm down in the snow pack, shear Q2. We gave the pit 6 big stomps to release a faceted crust 75 cm down. Did not slide on a smooth surface. Q3. 

Visibility was low, skiing was possible due to alder glades. Went as high the the alders let us. Did not observe avalanches natural or otherwise. Slight winds, 0- 10 mph enough to transport some snow higher up. Skied some steeper rollovers 35-40 degrees. 

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity