Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverMark Oldmixon

General Observations

Couldn't resist checking out the conditions this weekend after the weather station was reporting good snow levels. We drove through Red Rock Canyon and started skinning up from there. There was enough snow on the road that we regretted not bringing sleds. Rather than take the road all the way to Look Eryie, we followed the tracks from the day before and played on the hills right there. There was about 8cm of 4-finger thickness on the bottom, a thin weak ice layer and then good powder on top. The over night winds had done nothing to the skin tracks, but we experienced some winds during the day that covered our tracks up higher. We skied the slope twice. No red flags. A few turns went to tundra, while some wind deposits were quite deep. Could be a great base if things build slowly.

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