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ObserverKyle Sobek

General Observations

12/21,12/22- North side of Rice Mountain & Squaw Creek had on average 6+' at 4000'. Windloading had occurred from the south during the last couple storms, affecting more of the Squaw Creek area. 4000-5000' had about 1.5 feet of super light powder on top of a 1 finger hard 2-6' thick layer that had a punchy base (facets) of 6-12'' of more sugary snow. Although during the last couple of weeks it has been very warm during certain storms and rain up to around 4000' the weak layers, especially at the base, seemed to have been bonded fairly well. A lot of potential human triggers out there. No avalanches observed, even with multiple stuck sleds on slope.


12/23- Seemed to be pretty rightside up on the northside of Odyssey/Gully 1, really nice powder ontop. No avalanches observed. Noticed a small amount of windloading from the North in the afternoon more towards the true summit of the pass but not flagging off the peaks or anything. 

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