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ObserverKyle Sobek

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School Bus Pit @ 4000′ on the lookers right edge of the School Bus gut. Pit results proved to be fairly stable, but that was for the gut, with a relatively deep snowpack. The rain line from the most recent storm (11/11-11/13) seemed to be around 3200-3500′. Hiked up almost to the Goodwills ridge, up to 5300′ and saw a good sized (D2 or bigger) natural avalanche over in Gully 1 (Vertigo) that was on the southern side of the west face of the little matterhorn. I assumed it failed during the warm part of the last storm as the crown didn’t seem brand new fresh, although we could’t see the debris so I am not 100% certain of the timing. Snow on a NW face at 5300′ was actually of excellent powder snow quality with 1-2′ of very soft creamy powder, not so much affected by the wind. Above 5300′ it started to get wind affected and very wind slabby, so we opted to ride down from there. The main gut of School Bus was somewhat wind textured but that texture was consistent & it still rode quite well. Most creeks seem to still be open which is kind of tough, we used a snowmachine to basically get across the creek. BrapĀ 

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