Detailed Observation

ObserverKyle Klause

General Observations

Road the north face of Benzine. Dug a pit @ apx. 2500 feet found 100-150 cm snow. Top layer was fist penetration, ~30 cm. Next was 4 finger penetration, ~40 cm. Next was fist, ~30 cm. Next was pen or knife,~30 cm. And the bottom ~15 cm was medium, sugary, rounded, facets. Attached picture shows ~3mm ‘rounded facets.’


I did a very sloppy column test. Results: a Q-3 failure at apx. 15-30 cm, ct-14. Another Q-3 failure at apx. 60-70 cm, ct-26. It may have failed at the bottom facet layer before ct-30 but as I said, it was a sloppy test. 


Skied great, no observed avalanche signs on approach or on the traverse up and over from the east ridge. Lots of slide debris on the lower half, covered by ~10″ of new soft snow. 

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity