Detailed Observation

ObserverJoshua McDonald

General Observations

Area 51:

The 2-3 feet of wet snow that fell last week has dried out considerably and formed a several centimeter granular/breakable Crust on all aspects up to at least 2300ft. Soft snow with no crust was found on an Eastern aspect at 2300ft. 

Minimal slabs observed at lower elevation with the exception of the W/NW facing shoulder of Benzene. Wind blowing across the shoulder was depositing dry snow and creating a soft slab

Higher elevations near ridgetops appeared to have soft and hard windslabs of varying thickness on most aspects. Several old D1 avalanches where observed on vaious apsects. These where filling in with windblown snow. No evidence of recent avalanches larger than D1-D2.

At least one cornice on a small west facing slope at low/mid elevation had recently released a snowmachine sized chunk. 


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