Detailed Observation

ObserverJoshua McDonald

General Observations

Crudbusters @4000′

T -7c, calm to light winds

1-2 mm surface hoar mixed with dendrites. 

Surface hoar on skin track

Bpen 20 to 25 cm

Surface snow was undisturbed  and uniform other than previous ski tracks. No Surface slab present. 

Pit on 33deg slope:

New snow unreactive

CT 25 @ 45cm -rough shear 

CT 27 @ 75cm moderate shear (slid half way off block) 

Decomposing surface hoar present at both failures. 

Ruschblock test:  no reaction with standard loading steps. Failure at 45cm occurred after heavy pounding with 2 people on block. Minimal reactivity/ rough shear. 

Overall the snowpack was consolidated and of “styrofoam” consistency in the first 2 meters. Mostly 1 finger hardness below surface snow. At 210cm the snow was pencil hard. 




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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity