Detailed Observation

ObserverJosh McDonald

General Observations

Widespread avalanche activity from Port valdez to Thompson Pass. D1-D2. Slides involved new snow only, no step downs or deeper releases observed. Most released during storm near ridgetops, rock-bands, rollovers. 

Thompson pass: Numerous D1-D2+ Slides mostly in the main corridor. Most releases where on windloaded SW slopes. Considerable activity durring storm on or near little odyssey, big odyssey, N odyssey Gulley, Gully 1, and Gully 2. Less activity on other side of road. All activity involved storm snow

Cracked ice: (road to 3000′) calm conditions at road level. New snow at road level: 30 cm. New snow above 2500ft: 60cm. Snow was dry and undesturbed by wind. No slab. Intact surface hoar easily located under new snow. Rough shear and minimal propagation on steep test slope (rollover/rock pillow)

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity