Detailed Observation

ObserverJonny Bomber

General Observations

Sunny Bunny zone: Coverage is improving, especially through the willows where skiing was possible both from and to the car. We found surprisingly good snow through most aspects and elevations, mostly made possible by 6-10cm of wind buffed, recycled powder (near surface facets). Snowpack depth ranged from 25-120cm. Deepest snow is found along sheltered north facing terrain and crossloaded gullies. In a 100 cm snowpack, we found weak snow near the ground (small grained facets), a decomposing faceted, rain crust at 30cm, between 30cm and 90cm was a series of thin windslabs that were non reactive in hand shears, And finally near the surface we found a 10cm fresh windslab overlaying small facets that did prove reactive in hand tests and on a small, 40 degree S facing slope. With uncertainty about the rain crust and the potential for larger terrain to hold a deeper windslab, we mostly stuck to sub 30 degree terrain and only went steeper on small, supported features. Skies were thin overcast, light S winds, no blowing snow, temps -4 C, and a storm brewing on the horizon!

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