Detailed Observation

ObserverJeff Moskowitz

General Observations

Lutak Zone: 2,700' N-aspect air temp -14C sunny skies no wind snowpack 130cm. Three distinct crust layers in the upper snowpack from 1F to P hardness. Facets are sandwiched between these crusts. Results from our pit were ECTP7 down 15cm on a weak faceted layer with another slab supporting it from below. Eventually, that slab also propagated at ECTP23 down 35cm. A strong temperature gradient and near-surface faceting from cold temperatures haven't yet broken down these upper crusts, though they appear to be trying. Noticed surface hoar and frozen precip particles on the surface throughout the trees. The surface/near–surface facets will make for a slick sliding surface with any new snow accumulation or wind deposits on top and require time to bond. Another note: the buried alders below 2,500' are acting as good slope anchors now. With any new snow, they are more likely to become possible trigger points. 

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