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General Observations

3/22- 1st basin downstream of Tonsina Glacier toe up to 4300’/ NE-SE aspects/ skied slopes up to 35°/ Clear becoming overcast/ Calm/ No precipitation 


Shooting Crack– No

Collapsing- No

Avalanches- Yes- Saw 2 Natural windslab avalanches on the S side of Mt. Tiekel.  1st was a D1 about 100′ wide ran 100′ on a small convex roll at about 2500′ SW aspect.  2nd was a D2 wind slab that released in cross loaded terrain on a SW aspect at about 5000’/ ran ~1500′.  Both were relatively shallow ~1 foot deep.

Found the Mid and Upper snowpack to consist of mostly facets with poor structure in the upper snowpack.  Pit results at 4300′ on a SE aspect/ 35° slope/HS- 200cms,  produced ECTN8 and ECTP9 down 15 cms on 2mm developed near surface facets, and ECTN28, ECTN30 down 45cms on 2mm developed near surface facets.



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Observed Avalanche Activity