Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

Loveland Basin to 4200'. Skied East through North aspects.  Overcast no precip,light to moderate wind from the North.

No new natural avalanches observed, No collapsing, Yes cracking.

From the trailhead found frozen rain crust up to 3000', above this there was 25cms of dry snow from the Dec 9-10 storm.  The majority of the terrain we moved through today was unaffected by the wind and the new snow was bonding well to the underlying surface.  Above 3500' on ridges exposed to wind there was moderate snow transport onto south slopes.  Found fresh four finger windslab up to two feet deep cracking underfoot in areas exposed to the wind.  

In a pit at 4200' got an ECTN14 down 25 cms at the new snow/ old snow interface and ECTN17 down 55cms.  The failure plane down 55cms is slightly less dense "weaker" than the overlying snow that has fallen between Dec 6-10th.


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