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ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

12/7- Catchers Mitt up to 3700′, SE aspect, no precip, calm.

Shooting cracks- Yes    Collapsing-Yes    Avalanches- Yes, saw two natural D2’s across the highway in N. Oddessey gully and big Oddessey.

Experienced numerous large collapses on the way up with several lasting a couple seconds and traveling through terrain 2-300 feet away.  On the initial climb out of the flats, I had a large collapse that remotely triggered a slope 100 feet away.  Shooting cracks were 200 feet long, slab arrested on the bed surface probably only because it was a small slope and had support at the bottom.  Cracks were 2 feet deep down to facets below an old wind slab.  Numerous collapses continued in low angle terrain up to 3000′.  Settled storm snow depth varied upon the terrains exposure to wind , but was in the 4-12 inch range.  Pit results at 3700′ produced ECTP 21 and 28 down 60cms (test repeated twice) and PST END (25/100) down 60 cms.  Failure plane was developed facets below an old wind slab.  Did not ski or travel in terrain steeper than 30°.

First photo: shooting cracks viewed from spot of collapse

Second photo: closer shot of shooting cracks



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