Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

12/4- Catchers Mitt up to 4700′ SE-S aspects/Mostly clear/No precipitation/moderate wind increasing to strong with moderate snow transport/ ski penetration above 3000′ was 15-30cms.

Shooting cracks- No

Collapsing- No

Avalanches- Yes, our group snowboard triggered one small pocket of wind slab on a top loaded roll with about 30′ of relief. Wind slab propagated 100′ and was about 6″ deep.


Found ~10cm of rain crust up to ~3000′.  Above that found a snowpack that was right side up in the upper portion with facets at the ground.  Conditions changed  quickly through the day as NE winds ramped up and began to redistribute snow. This caused the upper 12″ of snow to become upside down(top heavy). Wind slabs were forming 4-6″ deep but were not yet reactive, except in isolated locations.  Abundant snow was available for transport that will be the fuel to develop deeper wind slabs with additional NE wind. 

Pit results at 3800′ produced ECTN 3 down 10 cms.  Total snow height was 135 cms.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity