Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

Cracked Ice up to 3000’/ NW-N aspect/ 22° F at road/ light snow gradually ending through the day/ Calm.

Found 80 cms of settled storm snow on top of a rain crust from 1/24 that was breaking down and turning to facets.  Storm snow was right side up below 2500’.  Above 2500’ wind affect at the surface was becoming apparent, making the top 10 cms top heavy.  No shooting cracks or collapsing was observed.  Did not ski slopes steeper than 30°.

There was a significant amount of natural avalanche activity from 2/9-10 in the gully to the west of Cracked Ice as well as the Python Buttress north aspect.  These avalanches failed on persistent weak layers, and had large connected crowns that were over a meter deep in places.  Avalanche debris ran well into the flats.

Pit results at 2500’ north aspect produced hard propagation results (30) down 80cms, and propagation down 140cms (30+).   ECTN3 down 5 cms / ECTP30 down 80 cms / ECTP30+ down 140cms.  HS 200 cms.

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Observed Avalanche Activity