Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

1/16: Dimond up to 3100′, 5° F at the road, -10° F at 3100′.  Clear, no precip, moderate- strong east wind above 2500′, light- moderate snow transport.  Localized collapsing, Small shooting cracks around skis, not radiating, no new avalanches.

Above 2000′ found a variety of wind affected snow that ranged from snow stripped down to rain crust, 1 foot tall 1 finger to pencil hard sastrugi and pencil hard wind slabs. Wind slabs were not reactive to ski cuts on test slopes.

Dug a pit at 3100′ on a north slope that wind was blowing across and building some wind slab, but mostly scouring.  Wind slab at pit site was 15 cms deep and 1 finger to pencil hard.  In close proximity on a lee slope “west”, in a cross loaded gully found wind slab to be 70 cms deep and pencil to knife hard.


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