Detailed Observation


General Observations

Chilkat Pass zone: Sunny Bunny (peak north of Nadahini). Clear skies, calm winds, 14 degrees F. SE aspect at 5400ft. 34-degree slope. HS=85cm. Weakness in the thin surface layers (top 5-10cm) failed easily. Below that, well-bonded mid pack all the way to the ground, consisting of a series of crusts and small-grained rounding facets. Stability tests found hard to very-hard failures at 60cm deep at the top of the lowest rain crust. Tough to trigger, but did propagate. Did a PST on this layer for fun, and scored PST 90/100 (End). Note: in thinner (windswept) areas found much weaker snowpack with significant and weak 2-3mm facets between crusts. Something to be careful of if traveling in thin areas.

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