Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverDuncan Fisher

General Observations

Skiied in about 2.5 miles from the road to the Castner Glacier. Dug a pit on an east aspect, 21 degree slope. Top 15cm was a melt/freeze layer, with a pretty solid sun crust. Next 15cm down was a 1-finger hardness slab, then an ice crust, with another 25cm of 1-finger density slab below that. The bottom 35cm were large facets, 4-finger to fist density. 

Shovel shear test sheared at/around the ice lens, not in a planar fashion. Performed a column test which released with very low energy at 11 taps (CT11), but didn't really slide, just broke at the bottom facets. Extended column test only broke loose, again, very low energy break more than a slide, after 2 solid hits past the 30 (ECTX). Boot test depth was 20cm.

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