Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverDavid Hickle

General Observations

Our group of 3 snowmachined from the Richardson Monument to the Gulkana Bridge, parked the sleds there and skinned to the west up and over the ridgeline into the McCallum Creek bowls.  We dug a pit around 5800′ on a N facing slope and found a ~ 12″ pencil hard slab on top of ~ 2-3″ of facets which was on a 4 finger slab down to the bed surface which was facets.  The overall snowpack depth was ~ 140 cm.  The top slab failed at CT 25 and ECT 25 with no propagation.  Many avalanches seen on west and south facing slopes, a couple on east facing slope.  East facing slopes are heavily sun affected

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity