Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverDavid Hickle

General Observations

Hi all – skiied 10-15 miles south of Cantwell today, there has been quite a bit of temps above freezing which resulted in a layer of ice ~ 6" under the latest snow throughout.  This crust would support 220 lbs standing in ski boots and we couldn't penetrate it with a ski pole.  Observed three small natural avalanches (storm slab?) around 4000' on a NW facing slope.  Other than that, no red flags…we dug a pit around 2600' on a NW facing slope and observed multiple slabs down to 4' beneath the surface with an icy layer 6" down followed by 2-3 weak layers at 12", 18" and 3'.  The slabs were all pencil hardness, weak layers 4 finger.  2x CT tests, which failed at CT17 and CT15 respectively and ECT-N.  Skiied a NW facing slope from 3600' down to 2000' which had 1.5' of powder, no reaction to the skiing.  

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