Detailed Observation

ObserverCharlie Stewart

General Observations

Jet Stream woes! Unseasonably warm temps hit the Chilkats starting 3/18 — field observations on 3/19 revealed an inversion with warm temps (41F @4500') / (48F @5000') and numerous natural avalanches on all aspects at all elevations. Stopped to dig around on East & West aspects in the Flight School area (across the Takhin drainage and West of Dickinson). Snowpack consists of breakable crust at the surface and maintains meltforms (clustered rounds) to 145cm depth — some facets have survived the warm/wet wx at the 145cm interface and CT test validated this layer as a primary concern (see profile attachment below).

Jet stream is expected to re-orient (N to S flow) by early next week which should help bring back cooler temps. Until that happens remain vigilent of the wet slab / wet loose hazard and avoid runout zones and slopes above 30deg slope angle. 

Bottom line — if the avy hazard doesn't give you pause, the breakable crust and large debris in the ski run threaten to blow your knee.

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