Detailed Observation

ObserverCharlie Stewart

General Observations

Transitional Zone: The Chilkats received 30 – 50cm new snow above 3500' average HS observed above 4,000' is now between 250 – 300cm with specific wind loaded areas as an exception. This new snow is sitting on top of several near surface facet layers (depending on aspect depth ranges from 30 – 90cm). Snow pack tests revealed poor bonding at the old snow interface but low to moderate propagation potential. Several natural avalanches were observed in the Booter Bowl zone on S and N aspects, these slides were D2 or below and did not propagate very far. Skiing was good overall, with a conservative approach to complex zones and care given to convexities. With warming trends forecasted and the freezing level expected to rise to 2,000' I expect an increased likelihood for wet loose at low elevations (below 2,000) and more naturals to occur at the interface of this recent snow and near surface facets (30-90cm).  

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