Detailed Observation

ObserverAllen M Dahl

General Observations

North aspects up Small creek before going up an easterly aspect up to 4800′.

Skies had few clouds in the morning, and then gradually became overcast/obscured in the afternoon. Mostly light winds from ENE. We observed wind transport near our high point.

Widespread wind affected variable snow above 2400′. We would occasionally experience localized cracking around our skis. We observed evidence of several small natural D1 avalanches on steep west facing wind loaded terrain (from 2/19-2/20) between 3000′-37000′. Areas that had been previously wind loaded appeared to be bonded well enough to warrant our travel into the alpine (assessed via numerous hand pits and quick probing).  Ski pen in relatively wind sheltered areas was generally around 10cm, but in wind protected terrain, ski pen was 30cm. Our tour involved some areas of steep terrain, and we observed no obvious red flags.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity