Detailed Observation

ObserverAllen Dahl

General Observations

Tour from Moonlight basin over to South Odyssey gully.

Snow down by the hairpin turn is low density on top of a solid MF crust. Above 3000′, this crust starts to disappear.

A handpit near 3500′ broke with moderate/hard force at a density change ~20cm down, SSE aspect. Another two broke with moderate force ~15cm down just below 4000′, on SSE and SSW aspects, respectively. These two had recent/active wind loading

We observed significant snow transport near ridgelines, and subsequent wind loading on lee slopes from Northwesterly winds. We triggered two fairly small, shallow, and soft wind slabs on a SSW aspect near 4000′.

At our transition point (~4000′, S aspect), I was able to push a wind loaded feature to produce a shooting crack. See Photo.

Excellent ski quality in protected terrain


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Observed Avalanche Activity