Haines Avalanche Center

Forecast Expired - 2019-03-15

Above 2,500ftHigh

1,500 to 2,500ftHigh

Below 1,500ftConsiderable

Degrees of Avalanche Danger

Avalanche Activity

Natural and skier-triggered slides size D1-D2 were observed in low vis Thursday in the Lutak zone. Other observations have been limited. Sadly, there was an avalanche involvement at Mumford’s (Lutak Zone), Wednesday 3/13 with one fatality.


5-16″ of new snow fell Saturday night – Sunday. Southeast winds were strong, and temperatures warmed up during the storm, raising snow levels to about 1500ft. Another storm hit Wednesday night, bringing 6-12″ of new snow above 1000ft. Strong South winds will continue. Precipitation will be increasing late Friday, becoming heavy overnight. Snow levels Saturday could reach 3000ft.


Snow Depth [in]

Last 24-hr Snow/SWE [in]

Last 5-days Snow/SWE [in]

Today’s Freezing Level [ft]

Today’s Winds

Next 24-hr Snow/SWE

Mount Ripinsky @ treeline


1″ / 0.10

25″ / 2.10


mod, SE

18″ / 1.50 *

Flower Mountain @ treeline


0″ / 0.00

18″ / 1.40


mod, SE

15″ / 1.30 *

Chilkat Pass @ 3,100ft


0″ / 0.00

8″ / 0.60


mod, SE

12″ / 1.00 *

( *star means meteorological estimate )

Additional Information

If you get out riding, please send in an observation!

Do a rescue practice with your partners. Always carry a beacon, shovel, and probe, and KNOW HOW TO USE THEM.

Practice good risk management, which means only expose one person at a time to slopes 30 degrees and steeper, make group communication and unanimous decision making a priority, and choose your terrain wisely: eliminating unnecessary exposure and planning out your safe zones and escape routes.


Details about Wednesday’s avalanche fatality will be updated on our accidents page: https://alaskasnow.org/haines-hac/haines-accidents/