Forecast Expired - 01/22/2023

Above 2,000ftHigh

1,000 to 2,000ftConsiderable

Below 1,000ftModerate

Degrees of Avalanche Danger

Avalanche Activity

The highway avalanche hazard is MODERATE.

The avalanche hazard should decrease Saturday but increase again early next week.


The last storm brought rain to the peaks and caused some avalanche activity above tree line. The end of the precipitation left 6 inches of snow at 1500 feet and more above. Dry conditions Tuesday and Wednesday promoted stability. We are now back to busy weather.

Expect heavy precipitation tonight and Friday. The freezing level will fluctuate from sea level to our local peaks and back again. Strong wind will move available snow towards western aspects. Avalanche activity will probably occur in the upper mountains. Our rather shallow snowpack should keep runouts limited, though large paths should be avoided. A brief break in precipitation Saturday will promote stability. Next week, however, looks to bring another 6 inches of water.