Forecast as of 02/18/2019 at 13:00 and expires on 02/19/2019

Above 2,000ftHigh

1,000 to 2,000ftConsiderable

Below 1,000ftModerate

Degrees of Avalanche Danger

Avalanche Problems


We’ve received 2.5 inches of water in the last 36 hours. The freezing line has fluctuated between sea level and 1500 feet. This translates into 2 feet of heavy snow at tree line and above, with moderate to strong wind loading western aspects.

Expect precipitation to taper off after midnight. Mostly dry conditions Tuesday should allow the snow pack to begin adjusting, though caution should continue to be used on loaded western aspects. Also, northerly winds may create isolated wind slabs on southerly aspects. Wednesday looks to bring more precipitation, so the hazard may elevate again.