Local Avalanche Incidents

December 30th, 2019 - Chuck Creek Trailhead, Chilkat Pass

Updated 1/16/2020: More information will be coming as details become available.

Location:Near Chuck Creek Trailhead, Chilkat Pass, BC, Canada
Date/Time of Occurrence: 12/30/2019: ~1:30pm
Mode of Travel:Snowboarders, hiking on foot
Accident Type: Multiple Burial
Number in Party: 3
Persons Caught: 3
Persons Injured: 1
Persons Killed: 2
Accident Details:
Type:HS - Hard Slab
Trigger:AFu - Artificial, Hiking on Foot, unintentional
Size:D2, R4 - large enough to bury a person, large relative to path
Sliding Surface:O - Broke within a layer of old snow
Aspect: North-Northeast
Elevation: 1,050m (3,450ft)
Slope Angle:38 degrees (measured)
Depth: 80cm average, 150cm max

Details of the Incident:

From Avalanche Canada's Initial Report: "A party of three were climbing on foot on a slope near the highway. About 2/3 of the way up a slab avalanche approximately 1.5m deep by 50-100m wide was triggered. The avalanche ran approximately 150 metres into a terrain trap and and caught all three. Two were fully buried and one was partially buried. The partially buried person was able to self extricate and used a satellite messaging system to call for help."

Details gathered by HAC:
Avalanche Vertical Height: 30m
Weak layer: 2mm facets sitting over an ice crust

Below Image: Crown profile at Chuck Creek. Weak layer was 2mm facets (12-22cm above ground). Bed surface was rain/M/F crust at 12cm above ground.

Below Image: Avalanche crown (red line) and approx. burial locations (red arrows).

Report from Avalanche Canada

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