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Jason Eson said : Report Subscribe 5 days ago

Rolling Deep above green shack. Looks like 2 to 4 Cm of new snow from Friday Storm. It came down light and blew away, but some of it is hidden in willow pockets. In willows we found a 2 cm crust on top with between 5-10 cm of cupped depth facets ranging in 2-5 MM. From 3800 Ft to 4600 We found snow to be pretty bomber with a snow pack varying from 12cm to around 80cm. Bottom 2 cm yields 1-2mm stepped facets. Rest of the pack has mostly well bonded rounds with a few sun, wind, rain crust. In our travels we found the surface to be very crusty. I would not expect anything but very wet snow to bond to this top layer. Otherwise expect a nice glide surface. We did an ECT at 4600, on ne aspect of 26 degree slope. We could not get any layers to blow. I was finally able to shovel sheer the block with great force. It slid in one slab at the ground facets. I'd maybe be concerned about triggering in shallow spots like around rocks, or shrubs. Watch the video! https://youtu.be/hgHmFTMBIUY

  • 19/11/2017
Jonny Bomber said : Report Subscribe 6 days ago

Despite recent storm, marginal skiing prevails in the mountains. Just managed to eke out 400 feet of turns shrubbery supported turns on a gentle NW slope with enough brush to keep the snow from blowing away. 10-12” of snow on the ground, except for Lee pockets that have been blown in by N wind, some of which have as much as 36”. Below 2700 ft, Friday’s snow mostly fell into bare ground, above 2700 we found scattered evidence on a pencil hard crust just above the ground becoming more widespread higher up. I intentionally triggered a southeast facing test slope (sz1) that was a small cross loaded by N winds. The failure was above the crust on small facets, and the slab was 12-14” deep, and propagated surprisingly far. Anywhere the snow is blown in enough to ski is a suspect slope!

  • 18/11/2017
Erik Stevens
Erik_Stevens said : Report Subscribe 7 days ago

Observations from the pass today: this storm only brought 1-2" of snow up there, as expected. very little snowpack in general. Dug around in the three guardsmen area and found 4mm depth hoar starting to form chains. Ice crust above that. Snow depth 20cm.

  • 17/11/2017
Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Lutak Zone: 2,300ft N-aspect 20F Light wind clear skies. 3-4 inches of small grain facets from about 800ft. Frozen creeks and overflow in areas. Took a look at northerly aspects which all have some snow on them. Import to observe underlying terrain features & identify where a slab could form, and places you more likely could trigger a slide (see photos). Snow in the forecast!

  • 15/11/2017
Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Chilkat Pass Zone: Departed the car, temperatures were 20F with a light -moderate north wind. Lap 2 in easy terrain we dug wind drift pit on a NE-aspect, around 3,400ft and observed similar conditions in the snowpack as the day before. ECTP12 SC Q1 failed 24" down on a thin slab over the knife hard rain crust. Beneath the crust, large grain facets to the ground. Other planar interfaces were noticed in the upper slab. STUFF TO LOOK OUT FOR: 1) the next storm... no matter the temp, or precipitation amount, we'll be set up for a storm cycle, EXPECT avalanches activity. 2) the sun, there is a detectable sheen where a sun crust has formed on many solar aspects, BEWARE of this bed surface. 3) large facets (2-3mm+) at the bottom of the snowpack, will be there for a while, KEEP ANY EYE for trigger points after any new snow.

  • 12/11/2017

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