Support Your Avalanche Center

Avalanche safety and education are a preventative service. Often times the need for funding these operations is overshadowed by the lack of response to avalanche accidents and incidents. The reality however is often that those services are working. This season multiple options are available to donate, become a member of a regional center, or provide a sponsorship. When you choose to make a tax deductible donation, the money is going towards a proactive approach to preventing emergencies.


The Alaska Avalanche Information Center (AAIC) was formed to help individuals make informed decisions in the backcountry. We provide a website for professional forecasts, observations, weather stations and education. The major cost of producing advisories and providing other avalanche information/education programs in Alaska is paid for by our customers, members, donations and grants. This also covers numerous operational and administrative expenses. The AAIC depends on our supporters to help sustain our regional centers.


Take a moment to make a contribution, or get in touch for ways to volunteer and support our mission to reduce unintentional avalanche related injuries and deaths.


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Jeff Moskowitz