Save the Date!


2017 Alaska Snow Safety Summit is set for Thursday, November 2nd from 3-8pm at Alaska Pacific University, 4101 University DriveCarr Gottstein Building Room #102

This year’s summit will focus on communication. We all know that saying the wrong thing can be worse than saying nothing at all. But saying nothing at all is a terrible option when there is information that can save lives.  Come join the conversation and Let’s Get This Right!”

Keynote Address: Jeremy Zidek, State of Alaska Homeland Security Public Information Officer, Dave Snider, NOAA PIO

Invited guests include: Media, Communication Specialists, State and Federal Agencies who gather, use or need snow advisory information, snow practitioners, guides, policy makers and community leaders. Space is limited Reserve your seat today.

We look forward to your participation.

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Debra McGhan

Debra McGhan