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General Observations

Multiple avalanches observed in the maritime zone with some of them running well below tree/brush line on the Valdez Glacier Lake, Hogsback  Ridge and wet slide avalanche activity in the ice climbing arenas of Keystone Canyon, Sheep Creek, Bear Creek, and Mineral Creek. 
Witnessed a large glide avalanche release on the SW aspect off of PK 4,690 above the Valdez Glacier Lake. The debris traveled 3,000ft and hit the lake severely disrupting the lake ice upon impact. There was a well traveled XC-country trail just feet from the deposition pile. 
Cornice failure triggered an avalanche that stepped down into multiple layers off of Hogsback Ridge on a south aspect at 4,000ft as seen from Deep Lake. 
Also to note from 12/4/19: Remote triggered two small soft slab avalanches with a crown height of 35cm on Little Girls above 4,000ft.
Pre-Thx Giving Atmospheric River observation from 11/24/19: Multiple large avalanches with crowns as deep as 3-4 meters glassed with binoculars in glaciated terrain that are probably a result of that storm being up side down. Most notable where the crowns on Alapulco PK, Dimond, Snow Slide, The Books, and The Elephant. 

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