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Mt. Troy from Eaglcrest Base. 15-35cm of new snow. Tracks on most skiable faces. No outward signs of instability. Pit results from 2600' near icy cliff NW facing. 35cm of light dry fluff on top of 5 cm of crust, 15 cm of refrozen wet snow, 15 cm of dry dense older snow, 2 thin rain crusts,another 15 cm of less dense snow and about 5 cm of sugar/facets on the ground. Hardness was fist for the pow, credit card for the ice crust, four fingers for most of the rest except the dense older snow, 1 finger, Sugar at the bottom was loose. The whole enchilada was about a meter deep. ECT was 10 taps failing on top of the icy layer. PST was no result till 4/5 of the way thru.

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