Detailed Observation

ObserverSarah Ann Carter

General Observations

Mar.31 partly cloudy/air temp 1C at Ptamigan drop/-2C at 4000’/calm/surface hoar to 2mm at surface on northerly aspects

Only signs of instability we observed were wet loose avalanches to size 2 on rocky,  southerly steeps with direct solar input.

On a NNE aspect above Tsaina River Valley at 4000′, we found the surface hoar that was buried 3/22 down 25cm. Our results match what others have been finding: it is present, but less and less reactive. After the standard ECTX, we pried  hard to pop the slab off that interface; although planar, it appears to be bonding to layers above and below.

The 15cm of surface powder skied well over old wind affect from outflow wind.


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Observed Avalanche Activity