Detailed Observation

ObserverPWSC Rec Level 2

General Observations

Lower Benzene Alley   clear sky, strong north wind flagging peaks, -2C to 0C

Fresh avalanche activity from during the storm plus actively loading windslab avalanches. We watched a D2 windslab avalanche from afar release on a convexity at about 4000′ on south aspect of Mile High peak above town. We toured up to about 700′ and found 55cm of new snow settling and stiffening into a slab. On small test slopes we found the soft storm slab sliding off the March 1st rain crust. As we got higher we noticed wind affect with cracking. We dug two pits on NE & SW aspects and found the windslab to be reactive. ECTPV down 15cm, under 4F windslab, and down 30cm at a density change in the new storm snow. Snow got heavier throughout the day. Trenching with skis and snowmachines happened.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity