Detailed Observation

ObserverJeff Moskowitz

General Observations

Windpacked powder boot pen ~70cm and ski pen ~20cm with evidence of wind scouring/loading on N-aspect 3,000-3,7000ft. Snowpack depth varied up to 120cm with new snow between 65-75cm. At 13:30 temps were -11C air, -14C surface, -11C 20cm, calm winds and clear skies. 5cm of depth hoar around rocks and at the bottom of the snowpack, ECTN26 Q3 shear on wind/storm layers down 35-40cm. Surface hoar and near surface facet formations found on a .5mm crust at the surface. Evidence of natural D1-2 windslab pocket on N-aspect ran from 5,400-4,400ft and D2 remotely triggered solar pocket that ran to the ground on an SE-aspect from 5,300ft.

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