Detailed Observation

ObserverMark Neeland

General Observations

Route and General Observations:  The UAS ODS Av 2 class traveled by helicopter to a base camp at 2400 feet SW of the Grandchild bowl/Grandchild peaks, then hiked along southern ridge towards southernmost grandchild peak.  Snow cover was poor and heavily solar influenced on south side of ridge with ice crust on top.  Due to poor snow conditions, entered Grandchild bowl with lower slope angle to evaluate snow pack conditions. Dug pits at 2300 ft elevation, NW aspect with average slope angle of 21 degrees. Skied several runs down north facing slopes with lower slope angles in Grandchild bowl.  

Red Flags:  The group observed isolated R2D2 slab avalanches on W aspects near upper mountain elevation in Grandchild Bowl.  Also noted significant cornices on NW side of southwest ridge of southern Grandchild peak.  We did not observe any other red flags (cracking, whumphing, collapsing).

Weather:  Calm with temps in the mid upper 20s/lower 30s F and scattered skies.

Snow Characteristics:  Snow surface: Variable snow surface, crusty/icy on solar aspects and soft powder on non-solar aspects. Snow pack:  Decent structure with a cohesive slab sitting on a crust 35 cm down, with many crust/ facet combos below.  At the layer of concern we identified no propagation potential (ECTN, CTP17), and rated general stability on non-solar aspects as good.

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