Detailed Observation

ObserverMadeline Dunn

General Observations

Went out to check conditions for the aiare L2 venue for this weekend.  Wasn’t able to trigger any avalanche even on steep convex rolls with obvious wind slab. After we got back to the car at 4:30pm we watch two snow machines punch straight up a 32+ degree face with no signs of instability. 

I took three obvs while out. HS is all over the place. 

South facing terrain, Moonlight basin mile 24

Time- 15:10, 15:41, 16:05

Elevation- 2200’, 2420’, 2600’

HS- (240-140cm), (110-90cm), (115-130cm)

Boot Pen- 30cm, (0-20cm), 1cm

Ski Pen- 10cm, (0-5cm), 1cm

Numbers in (__) denote that there was such a drastic change in higher within a 3 foot area that I didn’t want to just take an average.


Skiing was variable. Be careful out there as wind slab is breakable in areas with fun pow stashes to be had as well.  There are also many ice/wind chunks snd lips for lack of better words. 

My coordinates from Gaia aren’t showing up accurately on the map. The location is actually just above the turn of the road run in Moonlight Basin area. 

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity